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best friends

15 times Irish animals were the real heroes

Bless ‘em.

1. When this camel was spotted out for a stroll in Limerick

2. And when it was so hot in Donegal, another just had to go to the beach

hothot VisitInishowen VisitInishowen

3. That time this successful dairy cow “wowed” the judges

4. When these lambs were the stars of the Late Late

fagan RTÉ Player RTÉ Player

5. This lamb and dog partnership who are best friends in Kilkenny

6. These lads doing their bit during the Euros

7. When this puppy was the hero of the hour

8. And this dog was a rebel without a cause

aaaaa1 - Copy

9. When the Angelus brought out the dulcet tones of this pooch

10. And when this dog in Leitrim flat out refused to give a phone back

“You shall not take it… WOOOF”

11. That time this cat loved Penneys as much as everyone else

12. When this puppy was a star witness in the trial of the century

“You can’t handle the truth!”

13. When these pigs were the star of the town show in Roscommon

14. That time the mam elephant in Dublin zoo was spotted snuggling up to her baba

10665122_10153232651683136_4708306718491734570_n Dublin Zoo Dublin Zoo

15. And finally… this swan holding up traffic in Galway because he knows he’s just that important

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