Dublin: 1 °C Saturday 2 March, 2024
barbecue weather

10 photos and tweets that sum up the stark reality of an Irish barbecue

Burgers? Check. Sausages? Check. Umbrellas? Check.

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In theory, they’re great! In practice, however, they leave a lot to be desired.

You see, Irish weather just isn’t compatible with barbecues…

1. First of all, it isn’t a barbecue if there isn’t a looming threat of heavy rain

2. Fact: buying burgers/sausages all but guarantees that it will piss rain

3. You: “Barbecue this weekend?”

Irish weather: “Hahaha, good luck with that.”

4. HURRY!!!

5. Summer is…

6. At least we persevere, though

Couldn’t let the buns and burgers go to waste, could you?

7. Even if the weather makes it difficult sometimes…

8. Once you have the right gear, though…

9. You can have a splendid time!

10. Never change, Ireland.

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