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Alison Spittle asked people to share the most blasphemous thing they've done and the responses are gold

Featuring a man who actually sued the pope.

COMEDIAN ALISON SPITTLE recently started a simple thread on Twitter, asking one simple question:

What’s the most blasphemous thing you’ve ever done?

PastedImage-19347 Source: Alison Spittle

If you don’t know the lyrics to Eminem’s song Kim, you’re lucky. It’s not worth looking up and it’s most definitely not mass material. Aside from Alison’s anecdote about this boy from her village whose parents, there have been some pretty funny responses.

1. TV producer Maïa Dunphy shared a suggestion she made in her own parish

PastedImage-23285 Source: Maia Dunphy/Twitter

This led to a brief discussion about potential snacks that could be made using the body of Christ.

PastedImage-84646 Source: Maia Dunphy/Twitter

2. Sure, you’ve probably blasphemed. But have you ever blasphemed on Colm O’Gorman’s level?

PastedImage-94982 Source: Colm O'Gorman/Twitter

We have a clear winner already. It’s extremely unlikely that there’s going to be a respondent who has done anything more blasphemous than sue a pope.

3. Unlikely that he went seeking out a priests grave for this, but still pretty bad

PastedImage-67864 Source: Darren Keane/Twitter

4. Some priests have an unreasonable obsession with not allowing individuals to control the music played at a family members funeral

PastedImage-5503 Source: EmerTheScreamer/Twitter

5. Keep this up. Don’t let them ruin funerals.

PastedImage-89505 Source: Ciara/Twitter

6. Lots of people get petty with the church on Good Friday

PastedImage-24752 Source: Ciaran O'Rourke/Twitter

7. But this woman took it to another level

PastedImage-52621 Source: Ailbhe O'Nolan

 8. This t shirt sounds like it would be a sin to wear anywhere, let alone in a church

PastedImage-34828 Source: Nick Power/Twitter

9. Have you ever made a priest quit?

PastedImage-61219 Source: Shane/Twitter

10. Maybe the little sister here is evil

PastedImage-2188 Source: #pamcon/Twitter

11. But she could not be any more evil than this child

PastedImage-52429 Source: Andréa Farrell/Twitter

12. This one was not an accident

PastedImage-39224 Source: Darragh Mc Donagh/Twitter

13. You should probably think twice before drinking that

PastedImage-17993 Source: Duane Doogan/Twitter

14. Fair question

PastedImage-68 Source: Laura Madigan/Twitter

15. Unfortunately Kevin, yes

PastedImage-23488 Source: Kevin Handy/Twitter

16. He looks fed up of standing over that cooker all day

PastedImage-25061 Source: Justine Stafford/Twitter

17. Nice one, father

PastedImage-17872 Source: Katie Whelan/Twitter

18. How is a child meant to know they’re not supposed to say things like this when they’re completely true

PastedImage-97225 Source: Seriously Hilary/Twitter

19. Nobody thinks before dressing themselves for mass

PastedImage-21376 Source: Sharron Lynskey/Twitter

20. Or even when they’re buying clothes apparently

PastedImage-48682 Source: Cormac Dowling/Twitter

21. This probably goes down in a lot of Irish houses during the holiday season

PastedImage-4975 Source: Sneaky Dogfriend/Twitter

22. Realistically, probably smelled a lot better than the incense

PastedImage-59292 Source: Davey Reilly/Twitter


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