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Tweet Sweeper: Who has "white bread coming out their nostrils"?

The answer, plus all the rest of the best celebrity tweetiest tweets.

YOU NEED TO carb load when you’re exercising. But make sure you don’t suffocate on carbs, like Niall Breslin. How will that affect your lovely vocals, eh?

The thing about birthdays though, yeah, is that they only come once a year

Amy Hubes keeping it real 2k14

What age are you again?

NASA Nially

We know the feeling, lady

I don’t know if I have anything “alternate universe” appropriate :(

Any why is that, Mara (the child actress from Matilda)?

Oh. It’s cos they haven’t even ASKED YOU

Oh, that paints such a visceral word picture. Bleugh

<3 Cher <3

Oo er

You’re riding wha?

Take note: a velvet couch and young kids don’t mix

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