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# Marriage equality
Irish people are having 'the chat' with their families about the marriage referendum and it's lovely
Inspired by the #RingYourGranny campaign.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, students from Trinity College phoned their grannies to have a chat about the forthcoming referendum on same sex marriage.

As TCD Students Union explained, it is still unclear how and if older people will vote on the day and so it is important that younger people have a chat with their families about what is at stake.

Now, many Irish people are taking it upon themselves to have a chat with their folks about the referendum.

It appears that families all over the country are having “the chat” about how they plan to vote.

And it appears that many Mams and Dads are pledging to vote in favour of the referendum.

Even those with family members opposed to the referendum are pleased to have had a discussion on the matter.

The referendum on same sex marriage takes place on May 22nd.

Several campaigns for a Yes vote are presently underway includingStraight Up For Equality, which invites straight allies to pledge their support, and Get The Boat 2 Vote, which encourages recent emigrants to return home and vote.

Brian O’Driscoll, Hozier and Amy Huberman are among the notable figures to recently announce their support of marriage equality.

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