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9 essential Irish remedies for everyday ailments

It’ll work wonders, sure just give it a go.

BURNED YOURSELF WITH the hot water bottle? Have a touch of the wobbles? Or simply feeling a little under the weather?

There’s no doubt but that someone you know has a cure for that, because haven knows Irish people will do anything to avoid having to head to the doctor.

Sure aren’t we right divils for handing out health advice?

Here are just 9 things Irish people will tell you work wonders for everyday ailments:

If your head is hanging whip up a fry and some batch bread

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The grease will ease the pain and the luxurious loaf will offer maximum soakage.

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Get your hands on a hot whiskey if you feel a cold coming on

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This is one alcohol-related cure that you’re always bound to be offered at least once in your lifetime.

Avoiding the cloves might be hazardous but sure isn’t accidentally biting into one of them far more appealing than the idea of eating cloves of raw garlic?

If you’re bed-bound there’s only one solution

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Nobody knows why or how this works, but believe us, it does. Taking your duvet down to the couch is a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Get rid of those shakes by putting on the kettle and chuck a fair few sugars into your tea

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You can’t go wrong with a cupán tae at any time of day and if you’re feeling a little bit weak the extra sugar will go a long way to getting rid of those wobbles.

In fact, tea is so magical that it’ll probably work wonders with or without the sugar.

A bit of goose grease in a sock will sort out that sore throat

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Settle your stomach by knocking back a brandy and port

Brandy may be the first port of call for many when dealing with shock, but quite a few people claim that when you mix it with port it’ll settle your tummy in no time.

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Bottoms up!

Trade in the burn cream for a batch of raw spuds

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Don’t be wasting good money or spending your time slathering yourself in butter, sure can’t a chopped raw spud work wonders on that hot water bottle burn?

It may prove twice as effective if you put a bit of butter on the spuds, André.

Can’t manage a meal but need to eat? Dry toast is the answer

Source: Ehow

If you’re feeling REALLY adventurous you might even scrape a bit of butter across it.

And when all else fails there’s one foolproof mineral that’ll always do the trick

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We’re shocked it’s not in all the medical journals at this stage.

And just for the record, we wouldn’t advise avoiding the doctor’s surgery if you are actually ill.

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