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16 Irish snacks we need the world to know about

We’re a proud food nation.

1. King Crisp sandwiches

Fresh white bread, butter, and a package of cripps. Perfection.

crisps1-630x396 Source: Thejournal

2. Spice Burger

Back in 2009 the future of the spice burger was almost in jeopardy when there was a row over the secret recipe. Thankfully, they’re still going strong, with all their meaty goodness.

spice Source: Ballyboughal.net

3. Fifteens

A Northern Irish delicacy, these are made with  15 marshmallows, 15 digestive biscuits, 15 glacé cherries, condensed milk and coconut.

IMG_2369 Source: hoosewifey.com

4. USA Biscuits

They sound so sophisticated and ‘out foreign’. A staple of the Irish family Christmas.


5. Afternoon Tea

If you want to go really fancy with the biscuits and have a row over the jelly star.

afternoon Source: Thejournal

6. Crisps and coke

Bag of fancy pub Tayto and a glass bottle of coke preferably.


7. Fat Frogs

If we mention  these apple-flavoured ice treasures enough times surely HB will have to bring them back, and then start exporting them?


8. Ballymaloe Relish

Burgers, cheese, sandwiches… they’re all in bed with this little jar of goodness.


rel2 Source: BallymaloeCountryRelish.ie

9. Blaa

Waterford’s floury bap is made to be a vessel for sausages, ham, crisps or whatever else takes your fancy. ‘Blaa’ is even a protected term.

blaa Source: IrishFoodGuide.ie

10. Caffrey’s Snowballs

Coconutty, marshmallowey, chocolately crack.


11. Chipsticks

Picking these out of your teeth for several hours after consuming is worth it for the salt and vinegar corn snack goodness.

croppercapture15-6-423x500 Source: Thejournal

12. Chicken fillet roll

The beigest of beige foods. The king of the hangover delicacies. The darling of the deli counter special offer.

examining a fried chicken sandwich 2 Source: stevendamron

13. Coddle

Boiled sausages, bacon and spuds sounds wrong, but it’s so right. So so right.

Coddle.jpg Source: Wikipedia

14. Superquinn sausages

The sausage outcry which ensued when it was announced that Superquinn was to be no more cements these beauties as a national treasure.

sausage-4-375x500 Source: Christina Finn

15. Purple Snacks

The best one out of Cadbury’s Snack trio, hands down. Is there any pleasure greater than nibbling the chocolate off and then devouring the biscuit?

Cadbury-Snack-Sndwch-Wrapper-Small Source: Wikimedia

16. Clonakilty black pudding

“Yeah so it’s beef blood mixed with oatmeal… no really, it’s delicious!”

It really is delicious, and one of our finest.


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