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Irelands ridiest election candidates... how did they get on?

63% were elected. Rides.

WHEN IT COMES to choosing an election candidate to vote for, you’re probably best to weigh up things like their policies, their views on issues important to you, and their experience.

This time round though, there was a new dimension in play… rideyness.

rides Source: Irish Election Rides

As campaigning reached fever pitch in the run up to the local and European elections a blog called Irish Election Rides came into our lives to “look at people we think are physically attractive who are also seeking election”.

Now that the final counts are almost over (we’re looking at you Dun Laoghaire and Midlands- North West) it’s time to take a highly scientific look at how many of those deemed to be Election Rides were successful in their ridey quest.

Crunching the numbers

  • Out of 7o candidates featured on Irish Election Rides, 46 were elected


  • 38 male candidates were featured, and of those 24 were elected. That’s 61 per cent.

carthy Matt Carthy (left, SF). One of the Election Rides elected in Midlands/North West Source: @MattCarthy

  • Of the 31 females candidates featured, 20 were elected. That’s 65 per cent.

Local election count. Fianna Fail loca Noted ride Mary Hanafin (FF) also featured on the blog. She won in Blackrock. Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

  • Which was the ridiest party? Time for a ride scale, using notorious beauts Ryan Gosling and Scarlett Johansson for illustrative purposes. Here’s how many rides were elected in each party:



But what about the Ridiest Rides? The really beautiful ones?

The people behind Irish Election Rides told DailyEdge.ie that they identified four candidates as reaching the upper echelons of rideyness, based on Tumblr reblogs and tweets:

Nadine Meisonnave (Fine Gael) 

nadine Source: Irish Election Rides

Hugh Lewis and Cillian Doyle (People Before Profit) 

kill Source: Irish Election Literature

Gavin Nugent (Independent) 

nugest Source: Irish Election Rides

Interestingly, returning councillor Hugh Lewis was the only successful Ridiest Ride, elected in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown (on his merits of course, not his beautiful face).

Irish Election Rides has put together a comprehensive list of all of the rides featured on the blog, and how they got on.

Allow us to help you out with the next step.

*PLEASE NOTE: As Irish Election Rides pointed out before the election:

Please don’t make up your mind on who to vote for by how they look. That’s just silly.

We agree with them. Our tongue is firmly in our cheek

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