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An Irish girl in Australia got a brilliant Gaeilge tattoo on her arm because she kept getting asked to speak Irish

This joke better land down under.

“AN BHFUIL CEAD agam dul go dtí an leithreas” is most people’s go-to Irish phrase when they’re harangued into “saying a bit of Gaelic” when they’re abroad.

It’s become a bit of a meme of late – usually when you try to convince people that it’s an old Irish way of saying “I love you” or something similar:

And so it was for one Irish emigrant who’s all too familiar with the phrase – who just returned home to Wexford for a couple of weeks from Australia.

She went into the Be Pierced tattoo and piercing studio in Wexford town, and they take up the story on Facebook:

“A good friend of mine residing in Australia the last couple of years gets asked quite a lot to say something in Irish by the locals. Not being very fluent in her native tongue, this line we all know too well is always her response, so yesterday she got it inked on her arm”

anbhfuil Source: Be Pierced

Now she just has to point (and, presumably, come up with inventive translations every time).

Be Pierced’s owner Liam tells DailyEdge.ie:

She’s a good friend of mine and whenever she comes home for a few weeks she always drops in for tattoos and piercings, she’s heading back in a couple of weeks.

She specifically requested old Irish lettering to make it seem even more authentic, and the job was expertly completed by the tattoo artist Daniel Broaders.

And she’s very pleased with the result:

She loves it
Anything at all to have a bit of craic and poke a bit of fun at herself along the way.

Now she can regale Aussies with the old legend of the Irish monster LEITHREAS. Or whatever else she wants to dream up on the night.

Just point and tap.

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