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# a*sehole affliction
An Irish girl perfectly shut down this guy who called her 'kinda fat' on Tinder
RUDE. *deletes Tinder app*

ALL TINDER USERS know that using the app can be quite a mixed bag. One minute you’re having a perfectly nice chat with someone, and the next someone else is asking “wanna f**k”.

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Reader Jill McMahon sent us in this perplexing exchange she recently had with a man she matched with on the app, who opened with:

You’re kind of fat, aren’t ya?

Screenshot_2015-08-25-22-17-35 Jill McMahon Jill McMahon

Firstly: What kind of opening line is that?! But it gets worse.

Screenshot_2015-08-25-22-24-54 Jill McMahon Jill McMahon

Again, where did he think this was going to go? Is this that ‘negging‘ thing pick-up artists do? We’re so confused.

Luckily, she’s got him sussed:

Screenshot_2015-08-25-23-43-52 Jill McMahon Jill McMahon

I would be more concerned for your need to use Tinder to assess women’s weight to amuse yourself instead of trying to get a date, but hey, who am I to judge, I’m just kinda fat :)

Go Jill!

If this is what’s waiting for all of us on Tinder, we’re going into hibernation. Forever.

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