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# Be Nice
Being rude and mean to a co-worker can have very negative effects on their children
A new study suggests that experience of workplace incivility can directly impact on a person’s parenting style.
# Rude
Last night's First Dates contained possibly the most disastrous date ever shown
Oh the horror.
# slip up
Queen calls Chinese delegation "rude" in private conversation
British PM David Cameron was also caught calling Nigeria and Afghanistan “possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world”.
# Rude
A guy on First Dates was so rude to the lovely waitress and people weren't having it
That didn’t go too well then.
# Rude
A waiter received a hilariously mean tip from a customer, and it's outraged the internet
*shakes fist at sky*
# aggressive
'I couldn't give a rat's arse if you report me!': There have been complaints about the swearing of Dublin Bus drivers
A lot of customers have been airing their grievances.
# Uh oh
This teacher accidentally bought some very rude looking balloons for their class
# What's new pussycat
16 times cats proved themselves to be absolute a**holes
# a*sehole affliction
An Irish girl perfectly shut down this guy who called her 'kinda fat' on Tinder
RUDE. *deletes Tinder app*
# sure it's grand
Someone changed the 'Grand Canal Docks' sign to say 'Grand Anal C***s'
It was only a matter of time…
# Rude
This rude cat ruined its owner's yoga video, and now it's become a meme
We like your style, cat.
# karma chameleon
This cyclist cut in front of a car and got some instant karma
This is why you don’t turn around and yell “F**K OFF!” when you should be keeping your eyes on the road.
# Oops
This inadvertently rude t-shirt from China proves that some things are lost in translation
Oh dear.
# Rude
A man divorced his wife of 36 years because she had 'deformed' boobs
He claims he didn’t see her breasts until two years after they were married. Right.
# manners matter
Here's a very good reason not to be rude to people on public transport
Or just not to be rude, full stop.
# Groundhog Day
Five-year-old draws unintentionally rude photo of groundhog
*stifled laughter*
# Racism
Social welfare officer allegedly told immigrant to "go back home"
A report has found that some immigrants are facing racism from the Department of Social Protection.
# wash your mouth out
The Rude Irish Place Name Quiz
Can you spot the real ones?
# no fun allowed
Mean guy at football game doesn't want anyone else to have fun, bursts beach ball
Why ya gotta be so rude?
# Sticky Situation
13 poorly placed price tags that will delight your inner child
They had ONE JOB.
# grounded
Man kicked off flight for tweeting about 'rude' airline staff
Be careful… you’re being watched.
# Rude
Comedian bombs at Irish gig, calls Dubliners a bunch of c**nts
Ah now, you’ll never make friends that way.
# How rude!
8 slightly rude things you do all the time
Because inside, we’re all a little bit nasty.
# twits
Brian McFadden called someone a "c**t" on Twitter
They insulted his wife. That’s not on.
# Oh dear
Very rude altered sign interrupts tornado news report (NSFW)
# Shush!
WATCH: Talking macaw tells noisy bird to shhhh
Some birds have no manners.
# keep on movin'
A comprehensive rundown of the most annoying neighbours in existence
Are you on there?
# *can't *stop
15 examples of the Grammar Police at their most obnoxious
Have a look and decide for yourself.
# ooh matron
17 everyday things that inadvertently look a bit rude
Like penises. They look like penises.
Column: How to take your life back from technology
Mobile phones, email, Facebook and Twitter can make us more anti-social, writes Ciara Conlon – but that doesn’t mean we should ditch them.
# Jeered?
Dept of Finance denies Lenihan jeered in conference call
Department says Telegraph story is “pathetic and inaccurate”.
# Rude
Lenihan subjected to chimp noises by Citigroup investors
Citi investors heckle, jeer and make chimp noises during conference call with Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.