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Lovely Girls

8 things that make Irish women completely irresistible

Don’t even try to resist, guys.

FOLLOWING THE totally unsurprising news that Irish men are the second most attractive in the world, it is time to turn our attention to the ladies of Ireland.

They, of course, are among the globe’s most irresistibly attractive. Here’s why:

1. Their pale, ivory-white skin


2. And the way it changes shortly before any ‘occasion’

Irish women: the chameleons of Europe.

3. Unparalleled ability to have the craic

Niall Carson/PA Archive

Even ‘with the lads’.

4. The love of a good bargain


NOTHING is better than a good bargain. “I don’t really need it but it was marked down from €60 to €25. Sure I’ll get wear out of it sometime.”

5. Total inability to accept a compliment


“This old thing?” “Oh no, my sister is much prettier.” “You must be joking, my legs are like giant Californian redwoods.” Etc.

We love you for it though.

6. ‘Passionate’ temperament

Loved and feared by men in equal measure. And often at the same time.

7. Mysteriously low body temperature


And consequent love of “layers”, blankets, hot water bottles and bed socks.

Combined with a willingness to wear the most impractical clothing out in lashing rain because it’s new and you’re determined to get a wear out of it.

8. Universal ability to turn into a Mammy at a moment’s notice


Which dovetails perfectly with Irish men’s obsession with their mammies. Thus rendering all Irish women irresistible.

Also, ladies?

You ALL have lovely bottoms.

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