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Who is Anne-Marie Tomchak? The Irish woman who's just been named British Vogue's new Digital Director
The Longford native is about to make waves in Condé Nast.
'Irish sports women are leading the way and there's no longer this dominant sense of tokenism'
It’s an outstanding time for Irish sports that needs to be recognised and relished, writes Emma Duffy.
# mná
Which Inspirational Irish Woman Are You?
Fancy yourself as a St. Brigid or a Mary Robinson?
# who run the world
50 Irish women who absolutely killed it in 2017
(Might be slightly more than 50.)
# Sassy sixties
"They'll do" - This 1967 RTÉ report on what Irish women think about Irish men is sassy as hell
“By the time they reach the age where they feel inclined to get married, they’re all old and bald”.
# Bunreacht na hÉireann
The Irish Constitution still makes reference to woman's place in the home
Dublin Rathdown deputy Josepha Madigan wants a referendum on Article 41.2.1 of Bunreacht na hÉireann.
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9 questions every woman has asked herself when she's on her period
It’s a troubling time.
# the wimmin
17 little moments that make every Irish woman feel like they've got their shit together
So glorious.
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17 funny and true tweets that sum up being an Irish woman
*walks outside with face covered in Sudocrem*
# jamie phwoarnan
9 feelings every Irish woman has about Jamie Dornan
Do the funny walk again, Jamie.
# great tits
Irish women have the fourth largest boobs in the world
We’re just behind America and Canada.
17 truths all Irish girls know about going to weddings
Your poor, poor feet.
# hold me thrill me
20 little things that every Irish woman finds mildly thrilling
It doesn’t take much.
# the issues
9 questions women need answered right this second
Well? We’re waiting.
# galentine's day
12 deadly songs by Irish gals to listen to this Galentine's Day
Go on.
# kaoimhe kardashian
Here's what happened when two Irish girls got full Kardashian makeovers
Fake tan + lip liner – good warm clothes = the Kardashian look.
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6 inventions that Irish women would love to see become a reality
Get on it, inventors.
# nollaig na mban
It's Women's Christmas, so what's it all about?
Times have changed, but the tradition lives on.
# nollaig na mban
8 easy ways to celebrate the wonderful Irish women in your life today
Happy Little Christmas everyone!
# ban the cap
Irish women are crying out for dresses with sleeves in 2016
Please, cover our oxters.
Irish women have an aversion to compliments. They rebuff them with: ‘Thanks, Penneys’ best’
Irish women find flattery abhorrent, writes Emma Comerford, who says this is why they are advised against dating French men.
# let's hear it for the gals
9 reasons why being an Irish woman is great
Give yourselves a big bualadh bos.
# judging u
What You Can Tell About An Irish Girl By Looking At Her Shoes
# handbags at dawn
10 things you'll find in every Irish woman's handbag
It’s a jungle in there.
# lenny's lad
8 messages from women to the penis owners of Ireland
“Wash your d**ks*.
# here come the gals
16 questions Irish girls need to answer immediately
Eh, DO they have such big foreheads?
Was 'Typhoid Mary' the victim of an unjust system or a menace to public health?
Irishwoman Mary Mallon (better known as ‘Typhoid Mary’) was an infamous asymptomatic typhoid carrier who has been blamed for the deaths of several people.
The incredible story of an Irish woman who lived as a man – and fought as an American soldier
Soldier Albert Cashier, who fought notably bravely in the American Civil War, was born Jennie Hodgers in Co Louth in 1843.
Alice Perry:  The first female Engineering graduate in Ireland
The Galway woman was “the first lady to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in the UK”, graduating with first class honours in 1906.
The Tipperary anthropologist nicknamed 'grandmother' by Indigenous Australians
Today considered quite a controversial figure in anthropology, Daisy May Bates dedicated her life’s work to observing the native people of Australia.
# burning questions
9 questions all Irish women in their twenties desperately need an answer to
*slams fist on the table* We MUST find out.
This Galway woman became the first accredited female war correspondent
Galway woman Kit Coleman managed to be both a traditional domestic wife and mother and the first accredited female war correspondent.
Meet Nellie Cashman – Irishwoman, philanthropist and prospector in Alaska's gold rush
Nellie Cashman was an extraordinary woman from Cork who made her way to the US west coast in search of a lucky strike.
# come on na mban
13 Irish women who are completely kicking ass
Here come the girls, girls, girls, girls-girls…
# U G L Y
Irish lad attempts to explain the popularity of Ugg boots in Ireland
# goal queen
D-Day for trailblazing Roche finally on the horizon as she takes fame in her stride
“Above all, the whole thing has showed women’s football is not crap because I’ve heard that said a few times.”
# we'll always have paris
Trimble and Briggs pick up Player of the Year gongs at rugby writers' awards
Ireland Women were also recognised through awards handed to Philip Doyle and Fiona Coghlan.
# the shoes
12 things Irish women would like Irish men to know
Jeans, beards, farts, feelings.
# fake tan
10 things Irish men would like Irish women to know
Sports, tan, friends, feelings.
# razor burn
Two thirds of Irish women want you to shave off your beard
Blasphemy, we say!