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10 shocking realisations every Irish person goes through in Australia

I come from the land down under…

IT’S OFFICIAL: IRISH people still loooooove Australia.

The number of Irish people looking to move down under increased by 3.2% last year, with 6,171 people getting visas.

But what are these Irish people learning when they get there? Well…

1. No one is really bothered about the spiders, snakes etc

Except you, obviously.

2. The Irish accent has a strange effect on Aussies

tumblr_nbyfp1a0uO1qj4315o1_500 Source: Tumblr

They just want… to sleep with you. Immediately.

3. The sun is just different there

1358461515_kim-kardashian-sunburn-467 Source: Instagram/khloekardashian

And it’ll take a case of terrible, terrible sunburn that will make you realise this.

4. A pint of Guinness costs $9AUD

That’s around €7.50, according to this Irish In Oz Facebook page. *faints*

5. Australians think of Home and Away as we think of Fair City

Alf-and-the-one-who-did-a-sex-tape Source: 51allout

If it was a guilty pleasure at Home, it’s even more of a guilty pleasure now you’re Away. (Soz.)

6. No one drinks Fosters

fosters Source: Wikimedia

Lies, lies and more lies peddled to us by advertising executives. Australians drink XXXX, Tooheys, and VB.

7. Everything is expensive – except petrol

LsWdCMi Source: Imgur

It doesn’t sound right, but it’s true.

8. People just dump their old unwanted furniture in the street

6199772713_083191fec3_b Source: Flickr/mikecogh

And you can take it. For free! Which is great, because your apartment will probably come unfurnished.

9. Australia is really, truly massive

sydneymelbourne Source: Google Maps

You don’t appreciate how small Ireland is until you realise it takes 12 hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne.

10. Irish people are EVERYWHERE

gaa2 Source: Flickr/thesuperaliceflickr

Forget about a culture shock. There are probably more Irish people in Sydney than there are in your hometown.

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