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6 pictures you'll see on Irish people's Instagrams on a Bank Holiday


GOD LOVE US, we can be a predictable bunch sometimes.

We can all pick out a pattern in other people’s use of social media – the party check-ins on a Friday on Facebook to the anniversary dinner pics on Twitter.

So here’s what’ll be on your Instagram feed today.

1. A fry-up

Yep, there’ll be legions of us eating a fry-up today, as the excesses of a three day weekend sweat out the pores. Beans on the side or on the plate? And what filter to use? These are the modern fried breakfast dilemmas.

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2. Or a notions brunch instead

Some people have gone too #notions for fried bread, and instead choose to upload their poached eggs and avocado and flaxseed porridge up instead. Say it with us: #notions!

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3. A shot of the countryside hillwalk

Just to make everyone still in bed feel bad.

Source: Amazonaws

4. The Mammy

A lot of people head back down the country to their family homes for Bank Holliers. Cue an influx of adorable Mam pics.

5. A dodgy pic from the night before

Seemed like a good idea at the time…

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6. Their shoes

No matter the day, Bank Holiday or no, Instagram is always bizarrely awash with arty shots of shoes. Bet on it.

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