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11 Irish lads you'll definitely meet on Tinder
All the single fellas (all the single fellas)…

THE TINDER APP has revolutionised dating in Ireland.

The smartphone tool allows you to check people out, give them the nod, and see if they gave you the nod back.

Not everyone on Tinder is to everyone’s tastes though.

Bit harsh!

With a reported 150,000 people in this country now using Tinder, we’ve asked those in the know about the Irish lads asking you to swipe right…

The lads beside a sedated tiger

Pictures of both guys and girls with tigers is actually a ‘thing’ on Tinder (there’s a Tumblr dedicated to it), and the Irish lads are no different.

tiger Tumblr Tumblr

The lads in the group GAA photo

Don’t leave the ladies guessing. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

The lads drinking buckets in Thailand

Mad lads altogether. Party animals.

buckets Wordpress Wordpress

The lads cuddling the Sam Maguire

This is an epidemic on Tinder. Is there a man on Ireland who hasn’t taken a selfie with GAA’s big silver bowl?

The lads cuddling any other sporting trophy

An actual epidemic!


The tractor loving lads

The U2 fan lads

Bit of road frontage thrown in for good measure.

The ‘Tough Mudder’ lads

If they’ve run a 10k or completed a mucky assault course, by GOD are you going to know about it.

tough1 Tough Mudder Tough Mudder

The lads called ‘Shay’ or ‘Barry’

There are more Shays and Barrys in this country than you could ever imagine. See also: Eoin, Cillian, Paul.


The lads in their ‘good’ shoes

You can tell a lot about an Irish man by his shoes.


The lads at Machu Picchu

Haven’t travelled around South America for six months? You haven’t lived!

machu Tinder Rejections Tinder Rejections

Don’t worry, there’s an Irish girls version coming soon. Suggestions welcome in the comments section…

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