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9 very Irish memes we need the world to understand

Knowing meme, knowing you.

fsdfdf Source: @amduffin

A MEME IS some kind of internet or media based activity or concept that spreads from person to person and reaches a level of mass recognition.

Every country has its own, and Ireland is no exception…

1. Unimpressed Sharon Ní Bheoláin

Born in January 2014, Unimpressed Sharon Ni Bheoláin grew out of the newsreader’s apparent disdain after a report on modern dance.


She was soon meme-ified, and is regularly wheeled out to express disdain, particularly of anything suspected of being above its station or of having notions.


2. Teresa Mannion’s unnecessary journeys and treacherous roads

Sharon’s RTÉ colleague Teresa Mannion went viral worldwide late last year after a particularly dramatic weather report in the midst of Storm Desmond.

Source: Carlitos Salazar/YouTube

She was soon remixed:

Source: SUPER CÉILÍ/YouTube

Tip jarred:

unn Source: @anthonymcg

And painted onto the back of a denim jacket:

treach Source: Hannah Hogan on Facebook

3. Sraith Pictiúr

A fairly niche one, but an active meme nonetheless. Sraith Pictiúr are visual aids used in the oral exam of Leaving Cert ordinary level Irish. They also appear to be the bane of many students’ existence.

And they’re just crying out for added commentary…

sum Source: @ayplus_

heres Source: thatmoustachetho.tumblr.com

4. Six counties/republican memes

A little less cuddly than Teresa, Sharon and co, republican memes have gained in popularity in recent months, taking elements of republicanism and making reference to the six counties of Northern Ireland.

six Source: @a_man_in_yellow

location Source: Intolerably Irish Republican Memes

5. 1916 memes

Gaining in popularity with the year that’s in it, these memes depend on the happenings and people of the 1916 rising to bring the humour.

Like this one, featuring Eamonn Ceannt:

even Source: @aoiph/@Alan_maguire

And this GPO meme:

gpo Source: Irish Republican Memes

6. The Man Who Slipped On The Ice

Everyone in Ireland knows who the Man Who Slipped On The Ice is, and yet nobody does.

He’s the mysterious stranger who went on his snot just over six years ago on RTÉ News.


He spawned a spoof documentary:

Source: Tom Walsh/YouTube

And is firmly placed in the national consciousness:

7.  Memes as Gaeilge

The Irish language provides a rich seam of puns, particular only to this country.

mack Source: Jenny Ní Ruiséil‎ via Memes na Gaeilge on Facebook

meas Source: Shane Jordan Hennessy‎ via Memes na Gaeilge on Facebook

8. Irish mammies

The concept of Irish mammies provide acres of meme content, via a collection of nationally recognised exaggerated behaviours. It’s spawned books, Twitter accounts, videos, jokes and more.

help Source: Irish Political Memes

viber Source: Oh My God What A Complete Aisling

9. Dev and Big Mick memes

Extremely niche, yet instantly recognisable memes playing on the history of Eamon de Valera  and Michael Collins

tumblr_nsw1gjcRlr1qd30kpo1_500 Source: Tumblr

fsdfdf Source: @amduffin

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