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9 typical Irish moments of bloody bad luck

It’s not FAIR.

IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th, everybody stay calm. Things can’t get any worse than these little everyday nuisances.

1. Missing the off licence by five minutes

Those little gates of hell can never be opened again (until the next morning).

Imgflip Source: salmonstore

2. Getting stuck behind a tractor on a little road

No overtaking, no gates for miles. Such a cruel world.

4022774346_55d9bb5fbf_z Source: peterm7

3. When the bus drivers change and have a little chat

You have to be in work in FIVE MINUTES lads, get it together.


4. When you’re in unfamiliar territory, the little back road you take is always the wrong one

Ah shite, and it looked so promising.

cul de sac means dead end Source: notfrancois

5. If you plan anything outdoors, it WILL rain

Always have a marquee handy.

bbq 1 Source: GoComics

6. Someone robs the water you put the immersion on for

CRETIN of the highest order. Now you’ve to wait another 30 minutes.


7. When you go to make a cup of tea and the milk carton is empty

Somehow WAY worse than finding no remnants of milk whatsoever.

empty-milk-375x500 Source: DailyEdge

8. That pint you’ve been looking forward to all weekend looks like this

2850528427_e8aa75ee07_b-375x500 Source: mdid

9 The shop you’re in doesn’t take card

JESUS WILL YOU JUST TAKE THE CARD. We can even deal with a minimum spend.

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