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15 times Irish nightclubs proved they are the most wonderful places

“Serious spot for shifting and beering.”

1. When the staff in this place had no problem calling out this lad

Source: @TheSonicScrew

Source: @TheSonicScrew

2. And when the Róisín Dubh in Galway implemented a new, important rule

shoftging Source: Róisin Dubh on Facebook

3. When there was a proposal on the dancefloor or Sin in Dublin, and the couple went viral on Facebook

thesin Source: Sin Nightclub DailyEdge

Irish nightclubs.

4. When someone walked in on three guys at the urinals in the Workman’s playing the flute and tin whistle with their lads out 

workmans Source: Imgur

5. When this review of The Foundry in Waterford summed the place up

seriousspot Source: Thefoundry Facebook

“Serious spot for shifting and beering.”

6. That time this Drogheda nightclub made a racy promo video

7. And a rival club totally took the piss out of it

8. The invention of the Copper Face Jocks

jocks Source: Facebook

9. When Outkast had the full Coppers experience

out Source: Karl Kilbride/Facebook

10. And when 5ive played a nightclub in Tullamore

5ive Source: Facebook

11. That time a Dublin spot literally took the piss

OIM7U Source: Imgur

12. When a DJ in Dublin was handed this “party animal”


13. When The Foundry in Carlow went viral for their jacks 

foundryjacks Source: Imgur

14. This review of Coppers that thinks it worthy of social studies

cult Source: yelp

15. And finally… the most infamously-named midweek night in Dublin nightclub history proves there is invention to be had in the simplest things C U Next Tuesday

11703027_868000939948080_6321519020980221582_n Source: Facebook/C U Next Tuesday

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