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17 ways Irish people tried to be cool in the early noughties

So recent. So forgotten.

1. A pair of jeans that you cut with two slits, so they’d sit nicely over your shoes

And then your jeans would get completely mangled, and on rainy days the water would soak all the way up to your thighs.

Source: Lomo-Cam

2. Frosted tips.

Like beautiful icing on the cake of your head.

Source: EMPICS Entertainment

3. O’Neills tracksuit bottoms

With the waistband turned over so everyone could see the O’Neill’s logo.

Source: ebay.ie

4. T-shirts that looked like the neck had been cut off, but actually you just bought it like that

Source: Melissa Hillier

5. Ladies wearing dress shirts on a night out

Ideally fitted, maybe with some kind of a pinstripe. Often worn with black slacks.

Source: russelljsmith

6. Trucker hats!

To make us Irish look more like truckers. They never failed, eh?

Source: arugatse

7. These runners with flames on the side

Source: ebay.co.uk

8. Pre-ripped jeans

Sure why rip them yourself when you can BUY them like that? Ripping them yourself is a mug’s game.

Source: alex012

9. Plaid, everywhere, all the time, no surrender


Source: petitepanoply

10. Wallet chains

Because what if a THIEF took your wallet? GUESS YOU’LL BE TAKING ME ALONG TOO, MR THIEF.

Source: ebay.ie

11. Tracksuit bottoms with stuff written on the bum

The more inappropriate, the better.

Source: ebay.ie

12. Pedal pushers

Less trouser, but for the same money. WHY DIDN’T WE REALISE WE WERE BEING CONNED?

Source: gareth1953

13. Belts like this

HELLOOOOO! Yes, you alternative types! You were in on this too.

Source: orijinal

14. Nope

Never forget.

Source: DailyEdge.ie

15. Parachute pants/baggy trousers will all kinds of accessories hanging off them

The more the better! Sure all them pockets will come in handy one day.

Source: vanessa_hutd

16. Dubarrys with the laces done up like this


Source: shoetime.ie

17. And visible underwear, ON PURPOSE

Source: movethelife

Dear God, what were we thinking?

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