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How to cause a fight between Irish people

Don’t bring these topics up unless you’re TOTALLY prepared for a fight.

IRISH PEOPLE ARE known for their convivial and friendly natures.

But say the wrong thing, and things will get ugly. Want to know how to start a scrap in Ireland? Here are some foolproof sentences that will get the ball rolling.

The ANGRY ball of ANGER.

“Oh, I don’t like tea”

“You… You don’t … WHAT?”

People just can’t get their head around this one.

This is a constant cross to bear for Irish non tea drinkers, their dislike of tea being met with bemusement, disbelief and occasionally indignant rage.

Source: Tumblr

“No, honestly, I’ll get this”

Arguing over the bill is a rite of passage. When you treat your Mammy to a lunch out – and she lets you – then you know you’re truly an adult.

Source: Shutterstock

“Will you have a fry?”

The contents of a true fry are up for debate. Where do the beans go? Do you include tomato? And what about mushrooms?

Everyone has their own opinion and no one is gonna let this one go.

A frankly irresponsible amount of beans here. Fry RUINED. Source: Flickr/Ewan-M

“How do we get there?”

There is nothing surer to divide a group of Irish people faster than arguing about directions.

What’s the best way to get to Killarney from Mullingar? Ah, leave it out, there’ll be murder.

Image: Google Maps

“Soccer or GAA?”

For some, “football” means one thing. For others, quite another. Take cover, this could go on all night.

It’s almost as much of a hot button topic as the perennial Blur or Oasis conundrum.

Source: AutoScum

“Who was the best Late Late Show host?”

We all have our favourite. How they each handled the Toy Show was the true mark of the man between Tubs, Gay and Pat.

Source: Photocall Ireland

“Is the ketchup not in the fridge?”

See also: butter, sliced pan, chocolate. Families have come to blows over less.

Source: Jim Cofer

“Grab me a can of Guinness there”

From a can? Are you MAD?

Source: Annie Mole

What phrase do you reckon is bound to start a scrap in Ireland?

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