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11 heartwarming times Irish people were exceptionally kind to each other

Be good to each other.


1. This incredible story of a young boy reaching out to a man in pain

11792158_369674679897900_3647646032827645184_ou Source: Humans of Dublin

Dubliner Jamie stopped to ask a man sitting on the edge of a bridge if he was OK. The question saved his life, and he was convinced that he should look for help. Months later, the man got in touch to say his wife was pregnant, and they would call him Jamie.

Full story on Humans of Dublin.

2. When this young man on a train to Dublin spoke to an elder couple for the whole journey

3. This Irish man who took his taxi driver on a rollercoaster as he’d never been on one before

Full story of the Cork lad’s lovely gesture over here.

11880580_1184622431564915_7740282690240016976_n Source: Liam Murphy

4. When security guards at Trinity rescued this guy’s bike

2071567u Source: Janet Newenham

5. Of course, Brian O’Driscoll surprising this little girl at Temple Street

Fennell-BOD-Temple-11 Source: Leinsterrugby

6. When this bus driver stopped to give a homeless man a winter coat

download Source: TranslinkNI

7. This kind man who helped out a woman who wanted to buy her mother a Nutribullet to help with cancer treatment… so he bought her a brand new one for free

11779934_974732875910132_2714543892801369947_o Source: Cara Grace Duggan

11834706_974732889243464_569814799092499294_o Source: Cara Grace Duggan

11224746_974732912576795_3320291890915884335_o Source: Cara Grace Duggan

11705815_974732925910127_1649947049992267648_o Source: Cara Grace Duggan

11831763_974732962576790_5401466983503722103_n Source: Fbcdn


8. This Dublin DJ’s bike wasn’t locked to the pole properly so a woman took it in to keep it safe

9. This blogger’s act of kindness for a person returning home to Ireland in the wake of the Paris attacks

10. When this Chinese left a grieving family a note of support in their meal

Full story here.

2328193 Source: Jamie Stephen Conroy

11. When a stranger in Paulie’s Pizza paid for a couple’s pizza

Full story here.



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