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9 things Irish people do to prepare for a big night out
Are we going “out”, or are we going “out out”?

1. Have some “prinks”

That’s “pre-drinks” to the uninitiated. One wouldn’t want to be spending all one’s money in those pesky pubs.

Flickr/Creative Commons/Sldownard

2. Confirm if they’re just going to the pub, or if they’re going dancing afterwards


3. Apply so much fake tan that they smell like biscuits

You know who you are…

4.  Iron their “going out shirt”

This is usually the lads. And that shirt will be striped or checked. Lovely.

Flickr/Creative Commons/TheBrownHorse

5. Put on their “going out shoes” aka their work shoes

Also one for the lads. The shoes often look like these:

via Gumtree

6. Proclaim that they’re leaving the Laser card at home

That way they can ONLY spend the €50 in their pocket, right?

WRONG! They will beg, borrow and steal for one last Jaegerbomb and the price of a taxi home.

7. Place a pair of flats in their handbags

One for ladies.

Flick/Creative Commons

8. Forget to place a pair of flats in their handbags

Leading to this…

9. Apply an overwhelming amount of aftershave/perfume

Ahem… we’ll just leave this here.

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