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Can You Match The Irish Place Name To Its Weird Literal Meaning?

Do you know your Plague Pit from your Arse-To-The-Wind?

WHICH OF THESE actual Irish places translates to the word in the box? Make your best guesses…

A: Tallaght
B: Clondalkin

C: Ballyfermot
MATTY ZIMMERMAN/AP/Press Association Images
A: Tonlegee
B: Tonlemone

C: Tonteere
D: Tonteeheige
A: Skeheenarinky
B: Skibbereen

C: Skehanagh
A: Arklow
B: Wicklow

C: Kilcoole
A: Limerick
B: Longford

C: Clare
A: Bodastoig
B: Bod an Fhir Mhairbh

C: An Bhodail Mhór
A: Fartrim
B: Antrim

C: Feltrim
A: Poulaphouca
B: Poulacapple

C: Pouladuff
A: Leap
B: Leixlip

C: Leopardstown
D: Loughlinstown
A: Balbriggan
B: Baldoyle

C: Finglas
A: Tonranny
B: Tonroe

C: Tonragee
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You need to learn your Feltrims from your Fartrims and your Poulacapples from your Poulaphoucas. (OK, you don't NEED to do it, but it might help in the next quiz.)
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Translations: Church of the Toothless One – Wicklow (Cill Mhantáin); Bare Spot – Limerick (Luimneach); Town of the Dark Stranger – Baldoyle (Baile Dubhghaill); Plague Pit – Tallaght (Tamh leacht); Town of the Lepers – Leopardstown (Baile na Lobhar); Wolf Ridge – Feltrim (Faoldroim); Red Bottom – Tonroe (An Tóin Rua); Arse to the Wind – Tonlegee (Tóin le gaoth); Dead Man’s Penis – Bod an Fhir Mhairbh; Horse’s Hole – Poulacapple; The Dancing Bush – Skeheenarinky (Sceichín na Rince).

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