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20 tweets that perfectly capture Irish primary school life

Who else remembers writing postcards to Tony Blair begging him not to kill us?

primry Source: Fíona/Twitter

AS THE WEATHER becomes more like that typical ‘school tour’ weather, where it’s cloudy and miserable but no longer cold out, it’s very easy to become nostalgic about primary school. Let’s enjoy some nostalgia about how weird the Irish primary school experience is.

1. Kids are very unpredictable. You think you’re going to sit down and have a nice group prayer then someone comes out with this

2. Life was extremely simple

3. Seriously. Can we back to when we only knew about 20 other people to compare ourselves to?

4. Why didn’t they just put race cars on all of the milk cartons?

5. The lies that teachers told us to make us feel better about things

6. The weird lies that kids made up and told each other. That you most definitely hold against them to this day

7. The way ‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day was every person in Ireland’s graduation song  and everyone just didn’t acknowledge the real title of the song was ‘Good Riddance’

8. Dogs. In. The. Yard.

9. The weird nicknames people came up with

10. Everyone was very easily terrified

11. To the point where children were writing postcards to war criminals begging for mercy

12. The stupid things that people found funny

13. The only thing worse than having a person in your class who did weird things was having a person in your class whose mam did weird things

Primary school kids really aren’t the target audience for breastfeeding initiatives.

14. It was a lot easier to impress someone you had a crush on

15. But if somebody did you wrong, you are still annoyed over it nearly 20 years later

jaye Source: Jaye/Twitter

16. Everyone had a teacher like this

17. The work was so much easier

lewis Source: buckfast papi/Twitter

18. But prepared us for life

19. They could call anything a school tour and everyone would still be happy once they got to go on a bus somewhere

20. It introduced everyone to a lot of people who put their lives into perspective

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