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6 brilliantly Irish nostalgia gifts for Christmas
The Fridge in the Denim Jacket!

STILL STUCK FOR some present ideas?

If you’re quick, willing to have a bit of a dig around, or shell out a bit more for express delivery, we have a few ideas for you.

The Fridge in the Denim Jacket

Zig and Zag’s 1989 book has been re-released as a special anniversary edition.


If you’re feeling really nostalgic you could throw this Dempsey’s Den club badge from 1989 in for good measure.


The Shamrogues/The Blue Horse/Under The Hawthorn Tree

Why not track down a favourite Irish childhood book and wrap it up as a wonderful blast from the past? Try Irish bookshops, Chapters, or maybe some express delivery online.

sham Orpen Press Orpen Press

marita O'Brien Press O'Brien Press

Retro Aer Lingus mugs

Available from Etsy, if you order right now they might arrive in time.

aer Etsy Etsy

How Do You Do by Mary Fitzgerald books and dvds

Get the pipe cleaners out. Save those lollipop sticks. It’s make and do time!


d MaryFitzgeraldPR MaryFitzgeraldPR

An old Irish coin necklace

We miss the 20p horse. And the 10p fish.


A box of Big Time bars

Fifty-six Big Times!


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