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15 of the most Irish Snapchats ever

A nation untied under snaps.

1. When you see this guy at your window, this is the only response

hanging Source: Snapchat Ireland Exposed Facebook

2. When this is a familiar scene from your Irish school days

nunsarelike Source: BlueLangford/OMGWACA

3. “Christian Bale”

bale Source: Snapchat Ireland Exposed

4. Farming hasn’t been the same since Snapchat

Source: Paul McIntyre/Snapchat

5. When you can’t go a minute without a good pun

tapethe Source: Irish Snapchats Facebook

6. This horse was just trying to blend in, bless

copped Source: Imgur

7. New Home Economics techniques discovered through Irish Snapchat

8. When you’re in the fields, you pass the time with Titanic references

frenchgirls Source: UCC

9. And when you’re at a local Strictly Come Dancing, there will be a “hape of smoke”

10. Feel sorry for this poor, lost digestive

teaagh Source: Mairead Keogh/Facebook

11. And is there anything more Irish than a John Deere tractor emoji sent whilst driving a John Deere tractor

deere Source: South Tipp Macra

Fear the Deere.

12. When the local barfly won’t stop talking your ear off

doghumour Source: Imgur

13. Cows around Ireland are prime Snapchat material

cow Source: Imgur

14. As are loving pooches

That face.

15. And finally, a simple snap of a chicken fillet roll is enough to bring out tears of jealousy

Excellent work all.

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