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15 of the most Irish Snapchats ever

A nation untied under snaps.

1. When you see this guy at your window, this is the only response

hanging Snapchat Ireland Exposed Facebook Snapchat Ireland Exposed Facebook

2. When this is a familiar scene from your Irish school days

nunsarelike BlueLangford / OMGWACA BlueLangford / OMGWACA / OMGWACA

3. “Christian Bale”

bale Snapchat Ireland Exposed Snapchat Ireland Exposed

4. Farming hasn’t been the same since Snapchat

Paul McIntyre / Snapchat Paul McIntyre / Snapchat / Snapchat

5. When you can’t go a minute without a good pun

tapethe Irish Snapchats Facebook Irish Snapchats Facebook

6. This horse was just trying to blend in, bless

copped Imgur Imgur

7. New Home Economics techniques discovered through Irish Snapchat

8. When you’re in the fields, you pass the time with Titanic references

frenchgirls UCC UCC

9. And when you’re at a local Strictly Come Dancing, there will be a “hape of smoke”

10. Feel sorry for this poor, lost digestive

teaagh Mairead Keogh / Facebook Mairead Keogh / Facebook / Facebook

11. And is there anything more Irish than a John Deere tractor emoji sent whilst driving a John Deere tractor

deere South Tipp Macra South Tipp Macra

Fear the Deere.

12. When the local barfly won’t stop talking your ear off

doghumour Imgur Imgur

13. Cows around Ireland are prime Snapchat material

cow Imgur Imgur

14. As are loving pooches

That face.

15. And finally, a simple snap of a chicken fillet roll is enough to bring out tears of jealousy

Excellent work all.

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