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What Is Your Irish Teacher Name?



Your trademark teacher phrase would be...
"Are you going to let the rest of us in on the joke?"

"Where's your tie, Sean? Is that make-up, Emma?"
"I'm sure you CAN" - when someone asks CAN they go to the toilet.
What month were you born?





And finally Teachers' holidays are....
Well deserved
Jammy as f**k
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You're Modh Coinníollach Ní Mhorda, Irish
You're passionate about An Teanga and spend hours every night making games and plans to get the little f**kers more interested. (You only call them little f**ckers to yourself and in a whisper though, while drinking wine on a Tuesday). You own a lot of handmade jewellery and my god isn't Connemara beautiful?
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You're Lannigan the Lash: English
Oho Mr Lannigan you divil you. Twinkly-eyed and known to bring in a guitar on a Friday, you've won the student body over by being a bit of a ride and reading aloud from On the Road.
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You're Cardigans Coughlan: Religion
You have a variety of statement cardigans and whisper certain words like "hijab" and "pregnant". You've been known to make a good brack for the staffroom and it's rumoured your husband ran off with the local curate.
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You're Poor Mr Duignan: Maths
You're *this* close to a nervous breakdown, but only six more years to retirement. YOU CAN DO IT. You have two jumpers, which you wear in rotation. Your face is often very red.
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You're Dozy Deenan: History
You're unfairly dubbed 'dozy' because of your interminable double history classes and that one time you kind of fell into the bin but underneath it all you just really care about wattle and daub and the Mother and Child Scheme. You're secretly in love with Cardigans Coughlan the Religion teacher.
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You're Spacer Scanlon: Biz Org
You'll do anything to get out of actually teaching. Favourite phrase: "I have a very special job for someone". Translation: "Go and get the telly, we're not doing any work today".
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You're Walsh the Weapon: Science
Favourite phrase: "I won’t be in the exam hall with you in June, lads." You're the most terrifying weapon in the place. It's rumoured you once hopped off a third year who forgot their exam papers and woe betide anyone who packs their bags when there are still two minutes left. Who hurt you?
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