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what a year

15 of the best things to happen on Irish Tinder in 2016

~love is in the air~

1. When this profile was created – including an excellent bio

molly Imgur Imgur

2. That time this guy tried to crack a joke at the time of the centenary celebrations


3. When someone used a Dublin Bus as a profile pic

Tweet by @Debbie Diamandis Debbie Diamandis / Twitter Debbie Diamandis / Twitter / Twitter

4. Galway Tinder excelled itself in 2016

galwaytinder @DEMODISK Twitter @DEMODISK Twitter

5. When this guy tried to bond over his herd

6. The Big Fella even joined in

7. There was this audacious claim made on the west coast

8. And this rather ingenious pun

sioft imgur imgur

9. This response to an “Irish beef” chat up line was brilliant

Tweet by @Lucy Henderson 👯 Lucy Henderson 👯 / Twitter Lucy Henderson 👯 / Twitter / Twitter

10. Never forget when Patrick won the medal for Tinder Chancer of the Year

CdA4qqxXIAAHYSZ rbckn / Twitter rbckn / Twitter / Twitter

11. But the best bio went to…

milkcows @unselving Twitter @unselving Twitter

12. Sometimes, it will be cringe

arzecrack @arzEcrack Twitter @arzEcrack Twitter

13. But mostly, agriculture will prevail

milkcows2 @rinwilson Twitter @rinwilson Twitter

14. In fact, it dominates

15. Irish Tinder, it’s been some year <3


*swipes right*

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