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22 toys every Irish kid begged for for Christmas

Nostalgia fest.

ON THIS MOST special of days, let us cast our minds back to Toy Shows and

Christmasses past, when all we wanted was…

1. Mr Frosty

Surely the top coveted toys of all the coveted toys?

mrf Source: pinimg

2. Sylvanian Families

So expensive. So tiny. So necessary.

Sylvanian Families Store, UK Source: Saima

3. Scalextrix

No matter how many times the cars flew off the track, this was a quality toy.

cl Source: slotforum

4. Screwball Scramble

A frustrating noisefest. The dream.

Screwball Scramble Source: James E. Petts

5. Fashion Wheel

Hours and hours of tracing. That’s all it was: tracing.

kitch Source: ohmykitcsch.com

6. Commadore 64

Or it’s nemesis, the Amstrad CPC 464.

7. Cabbage Patch Kids

Many Irish kids settled for the cheaper alternative… the cauliflower kid.

long lost children Source: alamosbasement

8. Operation

“You’re the doctor, it’s so much fun to play!”

9. Subbuteo

Floodlights were the holy grail.

subb Source: ebay

10. Mouse Trap

The cause of so many fights.

mouse Source: pinterest

11. Bed Bugs

So so loud. Your dad would definitely have hid the batteries by 11am.

bed Source: vintagegameworld.com

12. Buckaroo

“Cos you never know when that mule is gonna….”

buck Source: pinterest

13. Fisher Price garage

Was there anything more fun than firing those cars down the ramp?

131-garage-1 Source: Judysvintagefptoys

14. A microscope

Making tiny things appear huge was a BIG childhood dream

Microscope Set in abandoned house Source: Freaktography

15. Chemistry set

To go along with the microscope.

the chemistry set Source: jm3

16. Big Yellow Teapot

They always had one in other people’s houses. WHY CAN’T I HAVE ONE?!

Big Yellow Tea Pot Source: Matt From London

17. Big Red Fun Bus

Ditto the Big Red Fun Bus.

The Big Red Fun Bus Source: rakieface

18. My Little Pony Dream Castle

It was HUGE*!

LavenderDreamCastle-Inside Source: Photobucket

* About the size of a shoebox. Cost £1253464542.

19. He-Man Spydor

Just for the “SPYDOR, SPYDOR” chant alone.

spydor_02_full Source: He-man

20. Transformers

Robots in disguise. Optimus Prime was the ultimate dream.

optim Source: pinterest

21. Millenium Falcon

The Holy Grail of Star Wars toys.

mill Source: mwctoys.com

22. Spirograph

True artistry at your fingertips.


What ones did we leave out? Let us know in the comments…

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