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15 TV stills that will give every 90s kid nostalgia chills


1. Learning to draw owls with Don Conroy

doncony Source: YouTube

2. This logo

thislog Source: The Dragon Archive/YouTube

3. Mary Kingston teaching you all about animals (and getting her hand bitten off by a donkey in the process)

mart Source: darzzo/YouTube

4. Watching these guys and hoping they’d manage to save the growing tree

morbg Source: amy

5. Tuning into The Den to see if they showed your drawing

praying Source: killianm2/YouTube

6. Doing everything in your power to win a goodie bag from The Den

BCXsopaCMAEOziW Source: Dainah McNeill/Twitter

7. Having a weird crush on Velcro Girl from 2Phat

velcor Source: YouTube

8. Waking up on Saturday mornings to watch this

saturday Source: YouTube

9. Or this

or this Source: Michael Peterson/YouTube

10. Or indeed this

live Source: YouTube

zoe Source: YouTube

10. Coming home after school to tune into this

coming Source: Lyndon Edwards/YouTube

11. And frantically calling in to vote for Sabrina, The Teenage Witch when it was Watch Your Own Week

And never asking for the billpayer’s permission.

fran Source: YouTube

12. Dreaming of appearing on Echo Island to take part in the Hot Seat Quiz

And wowing everyone with your knowledge of Arsenal.

echo Source: YouTube

13. Or representing your school on Blackboard Jungle

blackb Source: John Murphy/YouTube

14. SNOTS!

den Source: YouTube

15. And the lads


the Source: YouTube

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