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Just 14 truly enjoyable typos

“Best Actress in a Leading Roll.”

PLEASE GO EASY on me if I make a typo in this article about funny typos. Pobody’s nerfect.

1. This mix-up at last week’s SAG Awards that somewhat undermined the leading actors’ achievements

Source: SAG Awards

What kind of roll are we talking here? Sourdough?

2. This typo that gives faith a whole new meaning

Source: Reddit

Very sweet indeed. *waggles eyebrows*

3. That time the Guardian were trying to get the 2015 Oscar nominations out quickly and made a complete hash of it

There is simply an embarrassment of riches here. Personal favourites? Hulianne MOore and Eddie Redmaybe. And Bradlety Cooper as a bonus.

4. The time an obituary for a poor polar bear was destroyed


And it was such a young Kunt as well.

5. When Eircom changed its name to ‘dir’

Source: r


6. The time Tesco were not telling us the full story

Source: Twitter

We need to know more about this incontinence. How and why, Tesco?

7. When Lidl had to clear up a potential HR issue with these ‘men’s work trousers’

Imagine the SCENES.

8. That time the Washington Post brought up Prince Charles’ secret past

Source: Twitter

A double agent in our midst! (What a film that would be.)

9. The time Maybelline concealer got weirdly sexually aggressive

(It’s actually called ‘Fit Me’ BTW. Just in case you were worried.)

9. When RuPaul gave Saoirse Ronan a whole new name

Sir Shaw

Honestly, if RuPaul misspelled my name I’d just go ahead and change it via deed poll.

10. That time Simon Harris got an interesting new job


He was a good sport about it.

11. When the county of Kildare suffered a huge violation

Source: Kildare Now

So they’re breaking into whole counties now. Won’t somebody think of the CHILDREN?

12. That time there was big news in the Derry Journal

Get a room!

13. When Aengus Mac Grianna got an unusual wedding present

Source: RTÉ

Everybody needs some, in fairness.

14. And finally, Booby Sands

Booby. Sands. Ah.

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