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A Definitive Ranking Of Irish Ways To End A Conversation

The Irish: Good at starting conversations. Better at ending them.

THEY SAY IRISH people have the gift of the gab. What they don’t know is that we’re even better at ending conversations, whether we want to or not.

Here is a definitive ranking of the eight phrases that kill Irish conversations, in order of devastation.


byebyebye Source: Shutterstock

What it means: I would have hung up on you instantly only I don’t want to be rude.


iwillyeah Source: YouTube

What it means:  I won’t, actually. Stop.


surelookit Source: BBC

What it means: I have no idea how to answer you, but I’ll say this to be polite.


gasman Source: Flickr/Twentyfour Students

What it means: Your joke was kind of funny, but I wish to move on now.


any longer Source: Shutterstock

What it means: I don’t want to talk to you anymore, but I’m going to make it LOOK like you’re the one who has to go.


you'llhavethat Source: Shutterstock

What it means: I empathise with you, but I don’t care enough to explore the topic further.


knowyourself Source: Shutterstock

What it means: Yep, thanks. Bye.


sure this is it Source: UnrealityTV.co.uk

What it means: The topic has reached its natural end, and I’m not even bothered to finish it off by forming a sentence that actually relates to it.

Congratulations. The conversation is dead as a dodo.

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