Dublin: 22 °C Sunday 25 July, 2021

"WTF is going on with the weather in Dublin" - everyone in Dublin

Make up your mind!

HEY! WEATHER! Make up your mind!

Dublin (and much of the country) had been subjected to four seasons in one day today, and we’re mad as hell and we’re NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Well, that’s not necessarily true.

We’re going to continue to faff around with inadequate raincoats, rubbish umbrellas, jumpers that are too hot, shorts that are too cold, and skin that shrieks at the sight of sun for the forseeable future.

Mostly though, we’ll just be roasting and soaking all at the same time. It’s the Irish way.


Today, we’ve really been tested…

There was an ominous warning

Impending doom

Make up your mind weather. #Dublin "Make up your mind, weather" Source: daraghmc

An early optimistic sunglasses emoji

Tweet by @Zar✨ Source: Zar✨/Twitter

Followed by a dose of reality

A sarcastic umbrella emoji 

Some returning wanderers

Tweet by @Kim Source: Kim/Twitter

Some decent wind (and sun)

Some less than decent rain

Some typical outfits

And similar reports from elsewhere

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