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Irish women are revealing their sexual fantasies for a new book

“It’s very much about the girl next door,” the book’s editor says.

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IRISH WOMEN ARE being asked to reveal their sexual fantasies, for collection in a new book.

The Fantasies Project is “very much about the girl next door”, according to editor Julianne Daly (a pseudonym). She told DailyEdge.ie many Irish women have already submitted their fantasies, which she is collecting through an anonymous online form.

“Irish women and sexual fantasies are not things you hear together very often,” Daly said. “We felt that there’s nothing like this on the market at the moment, [even though] the whole Fifty Shades thing is so popular.”

Liberties Press is publishing the book, and is currently appealing for more submissions. So what’s the response from Irish women been like so far? Says Daly:

Some of them are just fab. Irish women are no less sexual than women in other countries. … People that I didn’t expect to be totally into it, are totally into it. It’s the quietest, the most refined ones you have to watch.

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Here’s the start of one of the fantasies submitted:

I am watching two people having sex. They don’t know I am there. [...] I have to touch myself as I am so aroused. [...] I let a noise escape and suddenly the noises from the couple stop but I cannot. I make eye contact with the woman and she smiles at me and beckons me towards them.

So whose fantasies is the book collecting? “It’s not necessarily for people who are hugely sexually liberated,” Daly says.

“It’s going to be fun. It’s not going to be dark and seedy. It’s the woman who’s in the space wagon dropping her kids off at school – what she thinks about on the way home, or when she’s with her husband.”

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Anyone who submits a fantasy will get a free copy of the book, and may win a €50 voucher.

Another extract, from the beginning of a submitted fantasy:

My main fantasy: Teaching / mentoring type scenario where my husband is training me on a new process in the workplace and I am not doing it right – perhaps set in an office. I am wearing short pencil skirt, stockings, sharp suit, shirt – he is a dark suit, clean and crisp and smelling amazing.

Daly hopes that the book – inspired in part by Nancy Friday’s groundbreaking 1973 collection My Secret Garden – will be a liberating experience for some women.

“I think it’ll improve people’s sex lives no end, just by reading it,” she says. “It’ll get them thinking. I think, why can’t we talk about this?”

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