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# Iron Man
This Irish student's mortifying Iron Stomach fail is going extremely viral
The worst thing happens. The worst thing.

ANYONE WHO HAS ever been to college will be familiar with the Iron Stomach challenge, traditionally held every year on Freshers’ Weeks and Rag Weeks around the country.

For the blissfully uninformed – volunteers are fed an unholy concoction of food and drink, and the last person standing wins. Vomiting is common.

A participant in this year’s challenge at UCD decided to throw in the towel early and storm out of the competition. Only it wasn’t that easy.

UCD Stomach / YouTube

Yep. He fell in the puke. And the video is currently going viral on Facebook, with 433 shares and over 2,300 likes.

We’re here for you, man.

Thanks to Conor Higgins (Friend of Bert) for the heads up

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