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# Friday Fun
It’s Friday so here’s a slideshow of turtles from around the world
Sure, isn’t it what Fridays were made for?

ALL OF THE world’s animals went on a publicity strike last Friday so we couldn’t bring you our weekly slideshow of cute. Seriously.

The unions have sorted it out this week though so the blackout has been lifted and we can resume normal service. Phew.

Personally, my feelings about turtles are mixed but they won the office vote this afternoon after strong submissions from turtles eating things and tiny turtles sitting on tiny objects.

What are your feelings about turtles? Do you have feelings about turtles? We’d appreciate some feedback in the comments section so we can continue to improve the delivery of our product.

It’s Friday so here’s a slideshow of turtles from around the world
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  • Turtles eating stuff make great pictures

  • Before...

  • In no rush. Ever.

  • "We could be here a while"

  • Babies are always better

  • All eyes on you

  • Just chillin'

  • Angela's a bit wary

  • Oh, well then

  • Now, he's up to something

  • You see, mixed feelings

  • Turtle hug

  • Thailand's Loot

  • The Long Goodbye

  • Getting into the spirit of things

  • Again with the mixed feelings

  • Actual experimental turtle surgery

  • It's all about the journey, not the destination

  • That's a smile


  • World Turtle Day

  • "It wasn't me."

  • Original lads.

  • Race ya!

  • SAVED!

  • So gross they're cute?

  • Weeeeeeeeee

  • Here's looking at you, kid

  • Yes, that is a two-headed turtle

  • The teeniest of tiny turtles

  • No, this is the teeniest, tiniest turtle that ever did live.

  • And here's the biggest turtle you'll see today

  • Someone is NOT happy

  • Which Turtle is more famous? Lisa:

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

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