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10 reasons why the J1 is an essential Irish experience

A crazy time. But a great time.

EARLIER TODAY, IT emerged that if Donald Trump gets into the White House (gulp), he would do away with the legendary J1 visa programme.

Everyone knows the J1 is a rite of passage for many Irish students - you can’t just scrap it. Here are 10 reasons why it’s one of the essential Irish experiences.

1. You’ll learn the true value of personal space

Until you’ve shared a one-bedroom house with upwards of eight people, you’ll never really know.

2. And how wonderful tips really are

2014-01-07-tumblr_mh39wcY3QH1s46dfvo1_500 Source: Huffingtonpost

At home, tips are an extra. On your J1, they are LIFE.

3. You’ll get the scalding of your life

When you get sunburnt whilst you've got a race number tattoo on.. Embarrassing much?! #racenumber #sportstiks #sunburn #oops #embarrassing #triathlon #triathletesofinsta #triathlete #swimbikerun Source: Instagram/mr_josh88

But you’ll never go without factor 30 again. Lesson learned.

4. It’s a chance to discover wonderful foods you’d never get at home

Must. Resist. Source: Instagram/grabyourfork

IHOP. In’N'Out. The sheer range of American cereals.

5. As well as less wonderful drinks

768px-Four_Loko_Beverage_Large_Can Source: Wikimedia

FourLoko. Why’d you do it to yourself? You may never know.

6. Then wonder how you’ve put on a ton weight

tumblr_ln7qfb5rV71qb7645o1_500 Source: Tumblr

OUCH! My metabolism.

7.Your spoofing skills will improve exponentially

nod_yeah Source: Tumblr

Telling tall tales to gullible locals, just because you could.

Oh yes, we have the Kardashians in Ireland. They’re banned in certain counties, though.
We actually first got cars in 1992.
My dad’s a shamrock farmer.

8. You’ll know once and for all that “it’s a small world”

oh-no-not-you-again Source: Wordpress

No doubt you’ll have been sent off with a list of cousins living within 500 miles of your destination – but the very minute you set foot on American soil, you’ll find out your childhood next-door-neighbour is living in the flat above yours.

9. And drive everyone at home mad with your constant updates

Source: Paul Deering/YouTube

“Here I am at the Grand Canyon, LOL!”

“Here again on a beautiful beach, tee hee! How’s the weather at home? Sh*te? Thought so.”

10. But realise there’s no place like Ireland, after all

Love summer walks Source: Instagram/cassiemce

If there’s anything that’ll make you miss the place, it’s leaving it.

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