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Game of Thrones

Jack Gleeson tweeted a photo of himself holding a pug and it's obviously now a meme

Maybe they should think about adding more cute dogs to Game of Thrones.

GAME OF THRONES star Jack Gleeson innocently posted the above photograph of himself and a pug on Twitter and was probably not expecting a response much bigger than “hey, cute dog.”

Because this is the internet, things are not always that simple. It was shared on Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles and has been photoshopped so many times that now the original feels like when you look at a word for too long and you begin to doubt that it’s actually a word.

Let’s take a look at some of the best GoT and non-GoT edits that have come out King Joffrey tweeting a photo of himself holding a dog:

1. The pugs head looks more realistic here than Tommens

PastedImage-16683 RexLeou / Reddit RexLeou / Reddit / Reddit

2. Adding the pug would probably greatly improve the storyline of GoT

PastedImage-59899 T-Car / Reddit T-Car / Reddit / Reddit

3. Ignore this one if you don’t want to see a spoiler

PastedImage-82652 DrWankalot / Reddit DrWankalot / Reddit / Reddit

4. Everyone was waiting for this one

PastedImage-78900 am1202 / Reddit am1202 / Reddit / Reddit

5. A throwback to that time he threatened Arya

PastedImage-63852 tori_bird / Reddit tori_bird / Reddit / Reddit

6. A real spoiler alert this time

PastedImage-82096 PM_ME_FUN_PICTURES / Reddit PM_ME_FUN_PICTURES / Reddit / Reddit

7. A Lion King GoT crossover

PastedImage-39374 T-Car / Reddit T-Car / Reddit / Reddit

8. The reality of what would happen if Joffrey had a pug

PastedImage-35351 Deiviss / Reddit Deiviss / Reddit / Reddit

9. This one’s kinda sad

PastedImage-45281 UbiquitousPanda / Reddit UbiquitousPanda / Reddit / Reddit

10. Oysters, pugs and cockles

PastedImage-59487 llenp / Reddit llenp / Reddit / Reddit

11. GoT x Harry Potter

PastedImage-25661 IliveINtraffic / Reddit IliveINtraffic / Reddit / Reddit

12. What would this be without a face swap?

PastedImage-99826 Naatturi / Reddit Naatturi / Reddit / Reddit

13. Much better

PastedImage-70045 willnorland / Reddit willnorland / Reddit / Reddit


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