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Jam Making is every Leaving Cert's 'last resort', but is it even a real CAO course?

It’s only 15 points! It’s based on the Aran Islands! And it’s probably an urban myth.

HAPPY WITH YOUR Leaving Cert results? That’s great!

But if it didn’t turn out as planned, you can always pack it in and do Jam Making, right? OR CAN YOU.

jam-428094_1280 Source: Pixabay

One of the quips that Sixth Year students make year after year is that if all else fails, they can do Jam Making – one of the fabled low-point courses on the CAO form.

Or of course, you could do Basket Weaving, another rumoured low-pointer based out on the Aran Islands.

Just look at all these jokesters:

We mostly take its existence for granted, but is the Jam Making course really a thing? Or just an urban myth?

It’s been discussed online since at least 2006 (though the myth itself undoubtedly stretches back much further) – several of the people commenting on this Boards.ie thread insisted you needed 15 points to get into it, and claimed to know people who applied:

Some guy in my year apparently found that in the list of courses and put it down as his last choice purely for the laugh.

Unfortunately, Jam Making is certainly not on the CAO form for 2015 – and a look at the CAO courses online shows that Jam it has not appeared on any of the lists from 1998 onwards.

cao jam making Source: CAO.ie

In fact, there appear to be no courses under 100 points at all on any of the forms.

So, Leaving Certs – it’s looking like jam making is not in your future. :(

Do you have any definitive proof that Jam Making or Basket Weaving courses existed on the CAO form? Shout in the comments.

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