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Brilliantly awkward conversation on Irish radio between Ryanair flight lovebirds

Katie and Jamie forever.

Katie and Jamie, reunited at last.
Katie and Jamie, reunited at last.
Image: Facebook/CBC

LAST WEEK IRISH LAD Jamie Kelly took a flight home to Dublin from Barcelona, and met a girl he just couldn’t stop thinking about.

Kelly took to social media to try to track down the girl, who he knew only as ‘Katie’. He even ended up on the Ray D’Arcy show and his quest to find her was picked up by Canadian media (Katie was Canadian, you see).

The power of social media and Ray shone through and lo and behold Katie was located. The pair chatted online and made a plan to meet up.

But we just couldn’t wait, could we? Our romantic hearts had to know what was going on.

So, this morning, Katie and Jamie both spoke to Ray D’Arcy live on the radio… and it was the cutest/most excruciatingly awkward few minutes of all time.

Katie was on the air first, telling Ray about the “good looking man” who sat beside her on the Ryanair flight, chatted to her all the way to Dublin, and how they got separated when they got to passport control.

Katie told Today FM that she’s been “very flattered” by the whole incident and mentioned that she had been in contact with Jamie on Facebook, but that she’s been staying in Cork with limited internet access.

Suddenly, Ray brings another person on air… Jamie.

Do you want to say anything to each other, because this is the first time you’ve spoken?…

And Katie was all:

Emma-Watson-Laughing-Embarrassingly-Covers-Her-Mouth Source: Mrwgifs

And Jamie was all:

awkward1 Source: Aussalorens

And we were all:

aww Source: BlogSpot

You can listen to the whole exchange here.

The pair confirmed that Jamie will be travelling to Waterford tomorrow (Katie’s next port of call) to see her and he’ll be talking to Ray again on Thursday.

*orders popcorn*

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