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8 signs you are suffering from 'Jannui'
January + ennui = Jannui.

IT’S JANUARY. CHRISTMAS is over. Everything we ever looked forward to is gone.

All that’s left is a sense of boredom – ennui, if you will – of a very special kind. Really, there’s only one word for it:

Here are the key symptoms of Jannui. How many do you have?

1. Mysterious, all-over tiredness that goes into your very bones

Mshcdn Mshcdn

And doesn’t relate to how much sleep you’ve had. It’s somehow gone beyond that, to a place that no amount of sleep can reach.

Mshcdn Mshcdn

2. Brain somehow replaced by sludge over the holidays


Wordpress Wordpress


Wordpress Wordpress

3. Sense of isolation from your fellow man

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4. Vague, unpindownable cold symptoms

That have been hanging around for days, but never quite developed into anything proper you can fight with medicine.

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A slightly sore throat here, a cough there. Just a general all-round feeling of unwellness.

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5. Night sweats

For unexplained reasons. How does it get so much hotter between bedtime and the middle of the night?

LizMarie_AK LizMarie_AK

BrianMKA BrianMKA


Gifsoup Gifsoup

6. Bursts of mild panic

Outside, you’re keeping it together.

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But somehow, you feel constantly… on edge. As if disaster could strike at any time.

7. Overall lack of enthusiasm

Not just for work. For anything. “Will we go for a drink this weekend?” “Muh, maybe.”

8. Urge to hibernate until April

And cocoon yourself in a safe place, away from the world and its cares.

YouTube YouTube

Possibly in a blanket fort.

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We’re on eight out of eight here. See you in April, guys.

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