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9 pains only people with a January birthday will understand

It’s almost as bad as a December birthday.

HAVE A BIRTHDAY in January is zero craic. Here’s why.

1. If it’s on January 1, God love you

YAAAAY happy New Year! Also… happy birthday to you, I suppose.

bored-clapping-hermione Source: Wordpress

2. Not to mention the hangover

If your birthday is on New Year’s Day, can you ever enjoy it without a hangover?


3. Loads of people decide to do dry January

Therefore neglect to go out on the piss with you to commiserate your inevitable march toward death.

L8JET Source: Imgur

4. Everyone is broke after Christmas

What do you mean you want a birthday present, we got you a Christmas one only FOUR WEEKS AGO.

VUHRdUf Source: Imgur

5. It’s often the longest month in the pay day year

If you get paid monthly and your birthday is on the day before this pay day, you’re going to have a bad time. Pre-Christmas pay day was at least fifty million years ago.


6. The general post-Christmas fear kicks in just as you begin to feel excited

Happy birthday to me…! Now, back to bed as I’m back to work tomorrow.


7. Your present is definitely going to be a regift or something shite from the sales

Hold on, YOU gave Siobhain that Tommy Hilfiger fragrance set first. She didn’t even change the wrapping paper.

tumblr_m0t255pKb91r5cfgh Source: Tumblr

8. Nothing present-worthy will happen rest of the year

DAMN those people with July birthdays, damn them to heeelll.

tumblr_lhiova8RX41qa6j6co1_500 Source: Tumblr

9. As a kid in school you never got to be the centre of attention

If you were unlucky enough to have it fall during the school holidays, g’luck getting a bit of a celebration in the classroom.

tumblr_inline_nyylntA9211rpq2lg_500 Source: Tumblr

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