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This supermarket in Swords won't stop trolling the Lidl next door

A level of pettiness we can all aspire to.

JC SAVAGES SUPERMARKET has been a Swords institution for over 40 years, endearing itself to the locals with its excellent bargains and quirky atmosphere.

However, in 2012, its position in the village was threatened when a swanky new Lidl opened up right next door – and since then, an all-out war has raged between the two supermarkets, showing no signs of abating.

In-store announcements in JC’s often refer to ‘the Germans down the road’ and any encroaching advertising from Lidl has been swiftly dealt with:

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In the run-up to Christmas, JC’s took things to a new level by hiring an electronic road sign to flash their offers over the wall into the Lidl car park.

In response, Lidl erected a wooden board to hide the sign – but JC’s just used it to put up another of their own:

Source: Facebook

JC’s posted a photo of their work on Facebook with a cheeky message to their “lovely neighbours”:

Just a quick shout out and thank you to our lovely neighbours who installed this beautiful wood panel for us to display our advertisements.

This has ‘summer comedy’ written all over it. We’re seeing Will Ferrell or Amy Poehler as the plucky JC’s manager, and Danny DeVito as the Lidl overlord. What do ye think? It could be a hit!

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