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Remember when

Remember that time... Jedward almost died on a sandbank in Malahide

And some other bizarre Irish celebrity happenings from over the years.

THERE ARE SOME Irish news headlines that should never be forgotten. Let’s revive some of the strangest ones from over the years and assess them from the perspective of 2017. Starting with:

1. Jedward’s near-death experience in Malahide

Pride of Ireland awards - Dublin Niall Carson Niall Carson

In an alternate universe, it’s May 2017. Everything’s the same, only Jedward have been dead for almost three years. That’s the universe we could be living in if we had seen the worst case scenario way back in 2014 when the two lads got stranded on a sandbank during a late night stroll.

Coast Guard helicopter missing PA Wire / PA Images PA Wire / PA Images / PA Images

The twins, who were 22 at the time, called their mam after they found themselves stuck on a sandbank. She then called the coastguard to assist her sons and they showed up with a helicopter and a crew of ten. At 1am they were airlifted to safety and later commented that “this could have been a real tragedy only for the good work of the coastguard”.

2. One twitter users near-death experience tweeting Brian McFadden

Alfred Dunhill Links Championship - Day Two - Carnoustie Golf Links PA Archive / PA Images PA Archive / PA Images / PA Images

Just over a year and a half ago, one Twitter user made the mistake of joking to Brian McFadden that his ex-wife (Vogue Williams of course) ‘was named after a magazine’. It’s not a lie. But Brian flew off the handle and posted a series of furious tweets threatening to strangle this stranger to death.


What a world we live in.

3. Speaking of Twitter, let’s look back on that time Amanda Brunker and Azealia Banks had a short feud in 2012

Excited to see Azealia Banks at Electric Picnic, Brunker decided to tweet a few lyrics:

1 Amanda Brunker / Twitter Amanda Brunker / Twitter / Twitter

2 Amanda Brunker / Twitter Amanda Brunker / Twitter / Twitter

Then for some bizarre reason decided to stop herself there.

3 Amanda Brunker / Twitter Amanda Brunker / Twitter / Twitter

Who knows how or why, but Azealia Banks somehow came across Amanda’s tweet and was rightfully confused by her insinuating that she was not black enough to sing the next part of the song which is

You got a lot, but you just waste all yours andThey’ll forget your name soon
And won’t nobody be to blame but yourself, yeah

4 Azealia Banks / Twitter Azealia Banks / Twitter / Twitter

Amanda Brunker immediately panicked and tried to save herself.

5 Amanda Brunker / Twitter Amanda Brunker / Twitter / Twitter

6 Amanda Brunker / Twitter Amanda Brunker / Twitter / Twitter

The fact that Amanda Brunker wants Azealia Banks to follow her for a DM makes this 100 times weirder. It means that there is no explanation whatsoever as to why Azealia Banks saw the tweets in the first place,  because she hadn’t been following Amanda Brunker. She wasn’t mentioned in the tweets. Had she just been paying a daily visit to Amanda Brunker’s Twitter?

4. The brief period where Twink’s dogs had an inordinate amount of Ireland’s attention

tears Independent Independent

In 2014 Twink’s pooch Teddy was the victim of a dognapping.  Twink, devastated, went to the papers to make an appeal for the return of her tiny dog. In her appeal, she described Teddy as “a good egg” who could be lifted up like “pass the parcel”. The public listened on in pity and confusion as she told the world that her other dog, named Bertie Ahern, had died only two weeks prior to the dognapping.


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