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This Daily Mail headline about Jennifer Aniston is absolutely enraging

*steam comes out of ears*

FOR YEARS, JENNIFER Aniston has had to endure endless tabloid speculation about her personal life and whether she could really be happy without a husband or baby.

A few months ago, she married actor Justin Theroux and it seemed that this “Poor Jen!” narrative might be put to bed.

Today, however, The Daily Mail has found another aspect of Aniston’s life to place under a microscope — her weight.


“Oh Jen, did you overdo the honeymoon dinners?”

Wonderful headline there. As you can see, it manages to sound like both a judgmental tabloid and a really mean Mam.

The article refers to Aniston looking “more rounded than usual” as well as her “fuller face” and her “unforgiving workout gear”.

Readers have accused the newspaper of body-shaming the actress.


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