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# rage

All time
# please take your items
13 everyday issues we really should have sorted by now
First world problems, yes. But still problems!
# Ah here
You won't be able to watch the first El Clasico of the season live on TV
The 3:15pm kick-off for Barcelona v Real Madrid means it will not be broadcast live on these shores.
# go way and shite
17 photos that will make every Irish person say 'f*** right off'
Seriously. Get outta here.
# rage
This Daily Mail headline about Jennifer Aniston is absolutely enraging
*steam comes out of ears*
# passenger 15A
This woman wrote an open letter to the smelly airline passenger behind her and it's wonderful
We’ve all felt this rage.
# Boycott
Elton John has started a war with Dolce & Gabbana after "synthetic" kids comment
He’s called for a boycott of the designers.
Opinion: Postnatal depression filled me with an all-consuming, terrifying and explosive rage
When you think of ‘depression’, feelings of sadness and anxiety might come to mind – but anger is powerful (often overlooked) emotion.
This poor guy was caught on TV news JUST missing his train
Angriest. Man. Ever.
# rage
12 people who didn't even want Glastonbury tickets anyway
They’re all perfectly fine, OK?
# hay stop that
Woman sets fire to wrong haystack after being unfriended on Facebook
Sure, that will make her add you back.
# what bank holiday?
The 9 feelings you're all having after the long weekend
Hold us.
# why me
10 frustrating things that ONLY happen when you're in a hurry
You wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
# burn it
17 photos that will make you want to burn this world
Because it’s against you. All of it.
# verified by visa
A Definitive Ranking Of Your Bank-Related Rage
Say “card reader” again, I dare you.
# ELLa ella ella
The 7 stages of giving up on your umbrella today
So much rage.
# ticket fever
16 emotions Garth Brooks fans will experience while trying to buy tickets online tomorrow
You’ve got a five minute window, otherwise you’re out.
# white whine
8 everyday problems that should have been solved by 2014
Isn’t life hard enough already?
# christmas eve eve
'Christmas Eve Eve' is making people very angry on Twitter
VERY angry.
# yeezy mistake
The internet is outraged by false Kanye West claim that he's 'the next Mandela'
The quotes were fabricated by a satirical website.
# internal rage
7 enraging habits you're not allowed give out about
Oh no, please, sneeze again.
# don't be rasher
Man breaks restaurant door over overpriced bacon
We can see where he’s coming from.
# despite all my rage
You'll definitely find these things mildly infuriating
These things will make you ever so slightly raging.
# Thanks Penneys
9 emotions you experience while shopping at Penneys
The full spectrum is represented here.
# rage
Kanye West goes on hilarious Twitter rant about Jimmy Kimmel
His use of hashtags was a virtuoso performance. #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK.
# commuter hell
11 kinds of rage only commuters will understand
Go on. Let it out. We’re here for you.
# rage
Henrik Stenson hits ball into the water, hulk smashes his driver in rage
You wouldn’t like Henrik Stenson when he’s mad…
# rage
12 words that should be banned from all social networks
OK, a couple of them are actually phrases.
# so sorry
We're sorry, but these images will fill you with rage
Deep breaths.
# Greece
Villages evacuated as wildfires rage on Greek islands
The Greek islands of Rhodes, Crete and Serifos have all been affected by the outbreak of fires.
# monday monday
The 10 worst things that can happen to you on a Monday
The rage. The absolute rage.
# The Rage
9 tiny things that drive you completely MAD
Join us for a brief moment of RAGE.
# rage
QUIZ: How annoying is your other half?
A highly scientific rating system.
# Copa del Rey
VIDEO: Jose goes bananas
The Madrid manager went slightly berserk tonight.
# Canary Islands
Fires begin to ease on Canary Islands
The fires caused the evacuation of one of the smallest islands, and affected 10,000 acres of land.