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It's happened: We've hit peak Jeremy Kyle

A guest on today’s show was caught out by simple maths when trying to prove her ex was the father of her baby.

WE THOUGHT WE’D seen everything that could possibly be seen on The Jeremy Kyle Show. We were wrong.

A guest on today’s show was proved to be lying about being pregnant, through the application of simple maths. Yes.

jeremyk Source: YouTube

Charlotte (who has form on Jeremy Kyle) said she 19 weeks pregnant, and claimed that her ex-boyfriend Mark was the father.

But here’s the thing: Mark and Charlotte met just 12 weeks ago, and were in a relationship for just six of those weeks. Mark says she’s lying about being pregnant, but Charlotte insists it’s true.

So what’s going on here? Bad maths, and even worse lying.

jeremy Source: YouTube

Jeremy went on one of his trademark rants:

How can you be 19 weeks pregnant, Charlotte? None of these dates add up, because you’ve told him that you’re 19 weeks pregnant with his baby despite having split up with him and only met him 12 weeks ago? HOW DOES THAT WORK, CHARLOTTE?
Cos that’s what the doctor said.
Where’s the doctor from, outer space? Are you pregnant with his baby or you just hacked off because he’s with a new girl?

A pregnancy test later revealed that she was not pregnant – and though she claimed she might have lost the baby, her shaky plan was foiled for good.

Watch the full segment here, from around 19 minutes in.

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