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This 10-year-old Irish karate kid kicked ass on Ellen yesterday

Jesse Jane McParland is. A. Boss.

jessejane2 Source: YouTube

WE’VE NEVER SEEN anyone quite as badass as 10-year-old Jesse Jane McParland, the karate kid from Keady, Co Armagh. 

You might already know her from her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year, where she wowed the judges with her insane martial arts skills.


Ellen DeGeneres got wind of Jesse Jane’s talents and invited her on her chat show - she told Ellen how she got started in karate at just three years of age after her parents tried to get her interested in sport.

jessejane Source: YouTube

I found these people in white gis [karate robes] doing different moves and was like, “Daddy, daddy! Look at this!” But he was like, “Nooo, karate’s too dangerous.”
…I just couldn’t stop thinking about karate. Mummy said, “Why do you not like ballet or Irish dancing?” and I said, “Mummy, not every girl dreams of being a little princess.”

Kick. Ass. Watch her full interview and performance here:

Source: TheEllenShow/YouTube

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