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JK Rowling says that Hogwarts is a 'safe place for LGBT students'

She’s got strong Twitter game.

JK ROWLING HAS this Twitter thing down.

She’s excellent at casting shade, she reveals interesting nuggets about her online shopping habits and she creates excellent Twitter games for fans.

She’s also great at interacting on social media, and yesterday went on a spree of answering questions for Potter devotees.

The answers she gave were mainly about the diversity of students and staff at Hogwarts, and in response to a question about the safety of LGBT students she posted:

This is the tweet that appears to have precipitated the mini Q&A session:

Rowling also confirmed that students from any “religion/belief/non-belief system” would make up the population at Hogwarts…. except for Wiccans.

JK Rowling continues her reign as queen of Twitter with this excellent revelation…

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